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Industrial dyeing

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Our advanced technologies make it quick and easy to get the perfect color for your project.


Str. Republicii nr. 10, ap. 20
Oradea, jud. Bihor, România
Postal code:
Phone: +40-259-415580
Fax: +40-259-475191

Borș work point:

Șos. Borșului nr. 97
Sântion – Borș, jud. Bihor, România
Cod postal: 417075
+40-359-178174 (telefon)
+40-259-467132 (fax)
Prod. powder painting:
Prod. liquid painting:

TETAROM 3 work point:

Parc Industrial TETAROM 3
str. Iuliu Hatieganu F.N.
Juc-Herghelie, jud. Cluj, România
+40-359-178174 (phone)
+40-259-467132 (fax)
Plant Manager: