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Services & technology

Color your world with quality and care

Liquid painting

for metal or plastic parts

Powder painting

for metal parts

Other treatments

  • Pretreatment for liquid painting (on plastic) – flaming and deionization to remove impurities
  • Pretreatment for liquid painting (on metal) – degreasing and pickling
  • Pretreatment for powder painting (on metal) – degreasing and pickling, but also protection of metal by passivation with E-Clps 4600

Other services

  • Deburring – for removing the casting burrs or paint burrs
  • Masking – based on client request for protect from paint the indicated areas
  • Screen printing – for printing logo in 1 – 4 colors
  • Assembly – based on client request


We are using modern equipment and technology to offer customers a wide range of cutting edge services and solutions.

The new production plant with cutting edge robotic line is available from April 2015 and can operate both automatic or manual, offering the maximum level of flexibility and quality.

Is formed by:

  • treatment tunnel with 3 stages: degreasing, pickling and washing with demineralized water (for metal parts)
  • tunnel with flaming and deionization (for plastic parts)
  • 3 paint mixing automatic system
  • 3 robotic painting booths (convertible to manual)
  • drying ovens at two level
  • the whole automatic production line is controlled by PLC and informatics system to grant the maximum efficiency and quality


It is composed by a tunnel provided with 7 tanks:

  • acid degreasing
  • alkaline degreasing
  • rinsing with tap water
  • pickling
  • rinsing with tap water
  • rinsing with demineralized water
  • treatment with conversion coating product (passivation) E-Clps 4600
  • rinsing with demineralized water


  • 2 demineralized water generating lines
  • 1 softener water line
  • 1 used water treatment line with recycling